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Spreading my wings in Essex and beyond!

April 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Ever since I began doing photography I always believed that it could be a very isolated job. Yes okay you meet new families, couples wanting you to capture moments for them, however I do spend (as I am sure other photographers do) a lot of time in front of the computer editing images and updating social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To begin with I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with this as I am a very social person and have generally worked with large groups of people!

Over the past few months I have found that yes it can be isolating if you let it, however if you are sensible and are willing to spread your wings, even just slightly, there is a world of opportunity out there that is just wanting to be explored. I have done this exact thing, and it makes me love this job even more.

It all began a few weeks ago, when I was on Twitter and I noticed an opportunity to have advertisement space with an online Magazine called "Ultimate Wedding Magazine". I grabbed this with both hands and I am on the March/April Edition! Follow the link below to check their site out.



The following day I received a Tweet from the Wedding Specialists.net asking if I were interested to be interviewed for their Website about being a Wedding Photographer.............I yes again grabbed this with both hands. My work has now been shared on their website, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites! It’s now up for everyone to read. Head over to their site.


These relationships being built don't stop there. I have become friends with another local photographer who has helped me a couple of times being a second shooter at Weddings. Dani is a peoples person, and like me, grabbed an opportunity when she could, hence why we have worked together a few time.

Head over to her website and check her work out.


Thanks for your help Dani! Keep the good work up!

A couple of Weeks ago I captured Niccy and Chris's Wedding in Chelmsford. I Completed a Sneak Peek which you can check out below on my blog. Little did I know that Niccy's friend Dan loved to blog, and has said some kind words on about me!


That leads me to this last week. On Saturday the 28th of March I shot the most amazing Wedding at Hedingham Castle, to which I am in the middle of editing. After the Wedding I was contacted by The Sweet Berry Bakery who asked if they could share my link for the blog I posted. I of course agreed!

Check out their work below!


These last few weeks have been totally crazy for me, but at the same time I love my job more and more! Sometimes you just have to reach out to people! Although I am early in my career as a photographer, it can be very daunting and there is much pressure, whether it is photography or other Wedding products. Why don't we just ask for advice or for help when we need it? I am never going to be afraid of asking again, because look where it has led me.



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